Friday, 10 June 2011


This post is just a mashup of lately.

Went to the V+A illustration awards on Monday with the family. The work that stood out to me the most was by Hannah Simpson (a 2nd year Kingston illustration student). Here etchings of plague, cholera and anthrax bacteria are just gorgeous (see above) also Amelia G told me that she did some illustrations for her Compendium of Fashion Illustration which I bet are hella good too.

Also Rose Blake has started a sick new project (maybe not that new ...). The website allows you to hear what different artists/designers/photographers listen to in their studios (two new artists are uploaded each week). While you're listening you can read why they like the tracks, bit like desert island disks really.
Go listen by clicking here!

Went to this sale, this afternoon. Not meant to be spending lots of money at the moment but I made an exception for this. Would say that I managed to sort out my summer wardrobe with a ten quid bag .. worth going to, if you don't mind elbowing slow people out of the way!

Funny pictures explaining chemicals from earlier this week at the Natural History Museum. Those whales are getting pretty intimate ...

 Ahhh, my bedroom floor is currently occupied by mum's creations. Doing a favour for her, pretty exciting.

And that's all for now.
Have a rad weekend

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Hannah Simpson said...

ahh thanks so much for your lovely words! Look forward to seeing you in Kingston next year! hannah x