Thursday, 28 October 2010


Jazmine Miles Long @ Ryantown, Columbia Rd

Awesome installation/exhibition that was in the shop for a few weeks.
Also if you like taxidermy, I one hundred percent recommend going to the Museum of Everything (3) in Primrose Hill which has been curated by Sir Peter Blake (and also check out his daughter Rose, who is a sick illustrator). One room has his collection of taxidermy which is mind blowing plus lots of other treats. Also you can get a copy of Circus magazine from the shop there, which is a wicked read!



char. said...

isnt columbia market thee best
have you been in
its called 'jessie and ... something'

near the newsagents its the most beautifulist (if thats a word) shop xx

love is a herb said...

i looked up rose blake and she is AMAZING! i love that you recommeneded her, also i think i may buy one of her t-shirts, the 'i love david hockney' one xoxoxoxo