Friday, 25 July 2008



If you want a copy that you can hold in your very own hands just email me to request one.



Caroline Dulko said...

i like your work alot! the drawings are great! how do i get a copy of your wonderful mag? :D

Barbara Frankie said...

thanks caroline!
if you want a copy just email your address to and i'll get a copy over to you!

genna said...

hello! thanks for the comment on the polar bear bags! could i have a copy of the latests BFR - i love the nice things page! :)

notebook doodles said...

inspirational as always =)

Barbara Frankie said...

Genna - of course you can have a copy! just email me your address and I shall pop one in the post.

Annah said...

Hello! My friend Jaclyn got a copy of your zine. I absolutely love it!!:D
The stitched covers, the rob ryan stickers.

A Home for Alice said...

woaw really nice :D